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Want to be more sustainable? Try starting with your wardrobe.

Sustainability is a trendy term lately, and although it’s cool to be sustainable most importantly it’s necessary. The bring your own mug and tote bag trend is starting to take hold. However to truly spearhead this sustainable revolution it’s time to look bigger picture. One way we can make a big impact is by giving our wardrobe a sustainable makeover.

63% of clothing items from 20 different brands tested positive for hazardous chemicals

Fast fashion, as the name entails, is quickly destroying our environment. Companies are racing to mass produce the latest tops, pants and bags ignorant of the cost to our planet and to our health. Using toxic chemicals, synthetic dyes and cheap fabric such as polyester to keep up with the demand from consumers to have the trendiest short-term wear. When this polyester is put through a washing machine the microfibres leach out and end up in our waterways. Further contributing to the build up of plastic in our already polluted oceans.

“It takes 20,000 litres of water to produce just 1kg of cotton for the textile industry”

Yes, we get it, it’s cheap and easy to order. However this price comes at a cost by not only contributing to damaged air and water but enables unsafe and inhumane working conditions in these factories. Bring back slow-fashion and start being conscious of where your clothes come from. Shop less and shop savvy, move towards buying once and wearing forever. As Sarah Wilson, sustainability and minimalist leader, explains “Shopping begets shopping” the more you buy the more you will want to buy.

So first and foremost just buy less. Secondly when you do buy a new outfit, because let’s be honest we all want to look our best, be mindful of where you get your clothes from. Read on for companies and labels that are making an ethical and sustainable stamp on the fashion industry.

Give these brands and companies a click through

For the adventurous and outdoorsy type check out Patagonia

For simple, trendy, everyday wear, US brand Everlane has you covered

For clothing and swimwear made out of hemp see Good Studios .

After a more luxurious look? Try Ecoture

And for a bit of everything, Well Made Clothes is your go to.


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