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When it comes to women’s health, self-care is just as important as nutrition and exercise.

In today’s world of constant stimulation, juggling a career and a family or social life and lack of sleep, self-care has never been more essential.

Self-care often conjures up moments of soapy baths, candles burning and some yogic music playing in the background. But as we have established, no-body has got time to do this type of routine daily. However adding in splashes of self-care throughout the day or dedicating a few hours on the weekend is as crucial to our health as is good food and regular movement. Even more so for the modern day woman and her ever changing hormones.

Too much stress, and consequently an increase in the stress-hormone cortisol impacts the female reproductive hormones. When the body and mind is stressed it favours making cortisol over progesterone as they are built from the same precursor or foundation. Progesterone is the reproductive hormone that not only is needed to induce a regular menstrual cycle, but also gives us women a sense of calmness. Furthermore studies have shown that an increase in daily stress, from work, toxic relationships, artificial light and poor food choices reduces ovulation.

8 ways to get more daily self-care

When you ask women what way they like to wind down or relax, most either say exercise or watching Netflix. Neither of which are actually stress reducing. Here are some actual ways to reduce cortisol production and take care of yourself.

  1. Go to a yin yoga, stretching or tai chi class.
  2. Book in for a remedial massage or acupuncture session
  3. Meditate or practice mindfulness for 10-15 minutes
  4. Walk in nature, barefoot
  5. Self oil massage for a few minutes before your shower
  6. Lie down and listen to binaural beats (you can find these on Spotify or Insight timer app)
  7. Eat a meal slowly with no distraction
  8. Practice deep belly breathing on your morning or evening train commute

Self-care doesn’t mean you need to slow down

If you are one of those high-achieving women, wanting to do it all. You very much hate hearing “you need to do less” or “you need to slow down.” That is not the case you just need to make sure you structure your week so you have self-care moments. If the week is too busy to practice any of the above, take time out on the weekend just for you. This might even just be taking yourself out for a whole-food breakfast with no phone or laptop.  Or replacing that fourth high intensity class for the week with a walk is a perfect example of self-care. If your career or home life is stressful, don’t overload this by partaking in stressful exercise.

Adding in regular self-care practices or moments into your week is not only beneficial for the mind it is a big player in regulating your reproductive hormones. Regardless of whether you are trying to fall pregnant, a healthy menstrual cycle is one of the key indicators of a healthy and thriving body.

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