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Get high on helping; it’s good for you

Helpers high is that hit of happiness you get when you give part of yourself to others in a selfless manner. Whether you are giving time, resources, money, or simply just lending a helping hand it doesn’t matter. As long as it is done with heartfelt intention the high is there anytime you want it. And the good thing with this high is you don’t need to go to a pharmacy or do a deal down a dark back lane to get it  

The potential windfall in terms of health and wellbeing can also be significant. Studies have shown that helping and giving triggers a release of feel good chemicals and hormones that can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, improve cognitive functioning, help you live longer and just make you feel good. Not only that people that give selflessly open themselves up to receive good things in their lives as well.

And it easy to get started. There are many ways to help and give that don’t cost anything and take very little time.

Here’s 5 simple ways you can help people be happier and have more joy in their life.


Just smiling at someone can lighten up their day and make them feel better. Smiling also generally causes the other person to smile back at you, giving you an added boost of happiness. Try it, its easy and free.


Appreciating other people in your life and being grateful for what other people do for you is an easy way of making someone else feel good and also yourself.  Ready Izzy’s blog on why gratitude is good for you.

Silent Wish of Happiness

I got his one from Tim Ferriss in his book Tools of Titans. It is a very simple exercise that takes no time or effort. All you need to do is silently wish happiness to people you randomly cross paths with. “I wish you to be happy” is how I say it in my mind.  It not only makes you feel happy, it turns out that being on the giving end of a kind thought is rewarding in and of itself. Try it by silently wishing ten people with a happy day and see how you feel.


Giving through volunteering has been shown to keep you active both physically and mentally. The social connections also feeds the happiness factor, which in turn is linked to longevity.

Many community organisations rely heavily on the work of volunteers and these groups would no longer be able to exist if they had to pay people to do the work volunteers do. Your local schools, or sporting club of the sport you’re interested in, parks and gardens around where you live all need volunteers. Also check out what your council or local government offers.. Remember it doesn’t have to be a huge commitment and might be as simple as offering to drive a family member or a neighbour somewhere or taking someone out for coffee..

Charitable Giving

If you can’t volunteer and have the financial capacity, then giving money to a charity is another way to help. It doesn’t matter how small the donation is– every little bit helps. Just giving small change to someone less fortunate can make the difference between them eating or not – something we take for granted. If you are not sure where to donate your cash, change path can help you choose a worthwhile charity.


There you have it. Five simple ways to give and help. Give it a go, the world will be a better place for it.


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