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Get on top of inflammation with these 5 simple tips you can do daily


As mentioned in previous posts, inflammation is something all of us need to manage for optimal health. From low mood to low libido inflammation plays a role in sustaining most modern day symptoms. Here is a quick round up of 5 ways you can reduce inflammation. To manage your symptoms and improve your health.

Have a portion of anti inflammatory fats every day.

This includes a palm size portion of oily fish like salmon or sardines. A few tablespoons of hemp or chia seeds in your morning smoothie. Or regularly add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or hemp oil over salads.

Stand outside in nature barefoot once a week.

This is called grounding. Studies have shown that this act of connecting the human body to the earth reduces the number of circulating inflammatory molecules. Once a week get to your local park and spend 10 minutes walking around with no shoes on.

Practice a mindfulness technique daily.

This can be as simple as listening to a guided meditation for 5 minutes before bed. Practicing deep belly breathing upon waking or going to a yin yoga class once a week.  

Remove any foods that set off an inflammatory trigger in your body.

If you consume foods you are intolerant to, common ones being gluten, dairy, soy, eggs and high FODMAP foods your gut will trigger an inflammation cascade. This is in an attempt to remove this irritating factor. Until you heal your gut lining it is best to avoid these food intolerances.

Supplement with natural anti inflammatories, particularly during high stress periods.  

It is always best to get our nutrients from real whole foods. However we live in a stressful environment, meaning at times we require higher amounts of micronutrients and anti inflammatories. Best forms of natural anti inflammatories you can supplement with are Curcumin (the active component of turmeric), algae or fish oil (practitioner range ones are known to be quality controlled) and Shilajit an ancient mineral from the Himalayas (you can find this extract in forme superblends).


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