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We asked a yoga instructor for his top tips on going to your first yoga class

Bobby Hancock was a once brick-layer to a registered and revered yoga instructor for the past 3 years. Based in Melbourne, Australia we asked Bobby to share his insights on what to expect for first time yogi’s and what makes him so passionate about this ancient form of movement.

Let’s say it’s your first yoga class – what are your top 3 tips to help you have an enjoyable practice?

Choose a spot near the back of the room

I would always suggest to people that are new to the practice to find a position towards the back of the room. It will help a great deal to have experienced yogis in front of you. With this being said it will make your practice more enjoyable and give you the best chance to not get too lost amongst the new movements.

Get familiar with the studio

Know your class style that you are attending and get a feel for the studios recommendations which is most probably on their website (I hope). It will give you a big head start to know the temperature of the room, the pace and level of the class, and any other extras that you will need to bring.

Focus on your breath

Breath, breath, breath! I can’t say this enough. If you consciously make breath the focus of your practice, you are going to leave feeling great. It can be easy to compare yourself  to or even try to copy more experienced yogis that are around you. Just try and breathe better than them to start with.

What is a surprising benefit of having a regular yoga practice?

A surprising benefit that I noticed at the beginning of my yoga journey was that I began to make better choices in regards to nutrition and overall health and wellness. My self care rituals just keep growing.

Things to watch out for when practicing yoga?

Some common things that hinder your practice and that are seen in pretty much every class would be people rushing through their practice to keep up with others around them. Students unknowingly holding their breath, and the fact that people are not ok with doing less (taking a modification or even rest).

What do you love most about teaching yoga?

The fact that I get to share this transformational practice with everyone day in day out is such a thrill. It’s so good to see dedicated students coming back to class and continually growing, discovering new parts of themselves, and wanting to learn more about this ancient practice. If I could do it for free and still survive, I would.

If you have any questions for Bobby or want to know more about yoga and its benefits, comment below or engage with us through Instagram and Facebook.

Bobby Hancock is a registered yoga instructor based in Melbourne, Australia. Find him on Instagram @bobbyhancock.yoga to find what studios and retreats you can catch him teaching at.

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