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How to get healthy skin naturally

Conventional medicine has told us that acne, pimples and psoriasis are caused by dirty skin. However poor skin health can be due to a variety of reasons, with most of them being rooted much deeper than what we can see.  

Skin health and acne especially is of particular interest to me as I suffered (and occasionally still do) from hormonal pimples along my chin and jaw. Creams, ointments and even natural supplements and beauty foods could not create that clear glowing skin I saw all over my Instagram feed. By focusing on what was occurring inside my body and targeting those imbalances I managed to get my skin under control.

Here are some underlying reasons of why your skin isn’t clearing up no matter how many products you are using.

#1 Blood sugar dysregulation

By having blood sugar imbalances the hormone insulin rises. Too much insulin can cause androgen levels to rise in women. Androgens are male hormones and have been associated with the production and growth of acne.

#2 Poor elimination

The body has many ways of eliminating toxins and by-products. The most obvious one is via the colon. However another important elimination pathway is through the liver and kidneys. If both of these pathways are not working effectively the body will start to seep out the toxins through your skin. This can appear in the form of pimples or inflammation in the face.

#3 High levels of inflammation

Modern day diets and lifestyles are high inflammatory. Meaning they produce more pro-inflammatory molecules than anti-inflammatory molecules. This can cause red and hot rashes across the face or trigger a flare up of psoriasis. 

#4 Gut microbiome imbalance

Science has uncovered the gut-brain connection and now it has revealed there is a gut-skin link. Having an overgrowth of bacteria such as in SIBO or candida, can cause acne formation. Suffering from a parasite or leaky gut leads to greater inflammation and immune activation.

#5 Food sensitivities or allergies

Common food sensitivities or allergies that lead to poor skin health include dairy and gluten. Processed dairy triggers excess production of androgens in women. Gluten sensitivities can contribute to leaky gut syndrome.

Here are some actionable steps to help you clear up your imbalances and your skin.

  1. Balance your blood sugar levels by removing refined sugar from your diet. Even cutting back on natural forms of sugar such as maple syrup, honey and coconut sugar will help balance your blood glucose.
  2. Eat more omega 3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation. Go for a palm size portion of wild caught salmon three times a week or if you are vego add 1 to 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds to your meals
  3. Reduce dairy and gluten consumption. Try having hemp milk or coconut yoghurt instead of dairy. Ditch the bread and pasta and replace with sweet potato toast or rice noodles
  4. Drink more water. Sip on room temperature or warm water throughout the day to support your bodies natural elimination pathways. Drink two big glasses of water upon waking and again mid morning and in the afternoon.
  5. Add plant fibre to all your meals. This is to help your body eliminate toxins and bind to excess hormones. Add handful of spinach to your morning eggs, sautee kale and cabbage for a lunch salad or try cauliflower rice with your next dinner.

Until then, be Powerful.

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