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We are now aware of the array of environmental toxins us as females are exposed to. Perfumes, shampoo, make-up and hairspray are all endocrine disruptors. Meaning they impact the production and workings of our hormones. Fortunately there are a range of natural alternatives out there that are safer for us and cleaner for the environment. Including natural feminine hygiene products for that time of the month.

Tampon or pad user no worries there is an eco-friendly option for whatever your preference. Here is our round up of our favourite Australian female hygiene products.


Leak proof underwear for your period, incontinence and sweaty workouts. They come in a range of colours for a variety of body types. Perfect for extra protection or as a pad substitute.

Lunette Menstrual cup:

The best thing about a cup? Never having to buy tampons and pads every month. Made of medical grade silicone and completely reusable these cups are inserted for up to 12 hours. Once you get over the fear of using a “cup” you will wish you started using sooner.  

Tsuno Sanitary pads and tampons:

Tsuno’s pads are made from sustainable bamboo fibre whilst their tampons use organic cotton. That means their cotton, unlike regular tampons, are free of pesticides, herbicides and chemical sprays. I know what I would rather be using. Oh, plus 50% of their profits go to OneGirl.

Hannah pad reusable pads:

Hannahpad is a non-toxic reusable cotton cloth pad. Yes that’s right you can use this pad for up to 2-3 years. Just wear, wash and re-wear. Friendly for the environment and free from any harmful chemicals for us women.

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