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Power5 is a hub for healthy living – bringing together experts, the latest science and trends, and community experiences to inspire you to live your healthiest, most sustainable life. We believe achieving optimal HEALTH is a team effort and as a community, we’ll encourage you (and those around you) to live your best LIFE and create a thriving PLANET.


Inspiring positive change

Co-founders and father-daughter-duo, Marc and Izzy, know first-hand the freedom and empowerment that comes from good health.

“We wanted to create a space that allows people to discover new ideas around what it means to be healthy while also connecting them with some of the World’s leading experts and influencers in the health, wellness and environmental scene.” – Izzy  

“A better life comes from better health. Power5 is about two things – changing the way you think about health and putting you firmly in control of your own, so you can create the life you want. ” – Marc


Introducing the Power5 pillars – Recharge, Rewire, Reshape, Relax, Renew

We believe health and wellness are achieved by targeting 5-pillars: energy, mind, body, balance and community. Or in Power5 terms: Recharge, Rewire, Reshape, Relax and Renew. These 5-pillars are woven into everything we do and the inspiration behind the articles, videos and cutting-edge content you’ll find on our site.


Powerful health, powered by our community

When you start your health journey, you’re in good company with the Power5 community. We’re all working towards the same goal, overcoming the same challenges, and sharing in each other’s triumphs.


Grow with us

Our mantra: Connect. Share. Grow. represents the spirit of our community. We’ll link you with the leading experts who will empower you with knowledge – you’ll share this (and your own learnings) with your tribe – together we’ll transform into the best versions of ourselves. Healthier, stronger, and more connected than ever. Ready to live your best life? You’re in the right place.  

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